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Vauxhall Grandland X (2018 - 2021)

The independent definitive Vauxhall Grandland X (2018-2021) video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    Introductionword count: 77

    Back at the end of this century's second decade, Vauxhall needed competitive representation in the growing SUV C-segment for mid-sized family Crossovers; this Grandland X provided it. What we had here was basically a repackaged version of Peugeot's 3008. The drive dynamics weren't particularly involving but this was one of the more spacious and efficient contenders in the Qashqai class. This car wasn't a magazine favourite but it certainly ticked a lot of boxes are ticked here.

    Modelsword count: 17

    5dr SUV (1.2 Turbo, 1.5 Turbo D, 2.0 Turbo D, 1.6 petrol Hybrid, 1.6 petrol Hybrid 4)

    Historyword count: 301

    It took Vauxhall until 2018 to launch this Grandland X, this model on the face of things something of a late comer to the class for mid-sized 'Qashqai'-class family crossovers. Actually, that's not really true. Vauxhall competed half-heartedly in this sector for nearly a decade between 2006 and 2015 with its Korean-built Antara, which replaced the Luton-built Frontera model launched way back in 1991. Neither of these crossovers really hit the segment sweet spot though and neither was helped by brittle build quality that could charitably be described as 'patchy'. By the middle of this century's second decade though, Vauxhall had got on board with the kind of SUVs modern family buyers really wanted, launching its supermini-based Mokka model in 2012 and shortly afterwards, entering into an agreement with Peugeot to share the engineering of two further contenders in this class. By late 2017, all of this planning was beginning to bear fruit. The Mokka became the 'Mokka X' courtesy of a far-reaching update and was re-positioned just above a new Peugeot-platformed small B-segment SUV, the Crossland X. Shortly afterwards, the Grandland X arrived, a C-segment SUV that at last gave Vauxhall brand loyalists who might be looking at something Astra-sized an arguably more interesting showroom option. Of course, to realise its production objectives, this car had also attract conquest sales from other more established brands in this sector, so it needed features to help it stand out. Hence things like visual personalisation, efficient engines and a neat 'IntelliGrip' system to enhance traction on slippery surfaces. There was also a Plug-in Hybrid version, offered with either front or four wheel drive. The Grandland X sold modestly until the middle of 2021, when it was lightly updated and rebranded the 'Grandland'. It's the earlier 2018-2021-era Grandland X models we look at here.

    What You Getword count: 301

    It's a compliment to Vauxhall that from an aesthetic point of view, this Grandland X very much has its own identity. You certainly wouldn't initially know this car to be as closely related to its Peugeot 3008 donor design as it actually is, British styling chief Mark Adams and his team having worked hard at developing the elegant, carefully crafted SUV brand character that had already been established in the company's smaller Crossland X and Mokka X models. We approve of the fact that this is one of the larger contenders in the SUV C-segment too, so unlike some rivals, it can offer versatile practicality that's a genuine improvement over that of the family hatchback it's based upon. And inside? Well switch to a Grandland X from, say, a comparably-priced upper-spec Astra family hatch and there's hardly any acclimatisation required, though you will approvingly note the slightly raised driving position that Crossover buyers like so much. The centrepiece of the smartly styled dash is the beautifully-integrated Intellilink infotainment screen which incorporates the usual DAB stereo, Bluetooth 'phone and informational functions. Get a car whose original owner specified the optional satellite navigation system and the screen size increases from 7 to 8-inches. What about space in the rear? Well, in terms of legroom, there's space for an average-sized adult to sit behind a six-foot driver in reasonable comfort. Like most cars in this class, you'd really be pushing things if you wanted to try and accommodate three adults in the back but a reasonably low centre transmission tunnel makes that possible if need be. As for the boot, well once the tailgate raises, a 514-litre capacity is revealed. Activate the useful side cargo wall latches to push forward the backrest and everything falls almost completely flat, freeing up 1,652-litres of total space.

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