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Here are a few client testimonials

"The car and driving products are very reliable and we are very satisfied with the photos and reviews we receive." - Wessex Fleet

"We have worked with the team since our launch and delighted with the service, responsiveness and quality of information." - Total Vehicle Leasing Limited

"We have been using Car and Driving for a long time now and their videos do well on our YouTube Channel. The review itself is of great detail and customers do find them useful." - OSV

Here are some consumer comments

"The fairest and most unbiased review of this car that I have seen...This gentleman obviously knows his stuff.”

"Simply outstanding. I'm looking to purchase a Tiguan and this is by a country mile the best, most comprehensive review I've seen for any car, and I've seen hundreds. I think the highest compliment I can pay is that I watched the whole sixty minutes which was informative and exhaustively detailed. So refreshing to see a reviewer who is articulate and actually reviews the vehicle rather than using it as an opportunity to showcase their second rate comedic talents. Subscribed.”

"Thanks, that was a very comprehensive review and has helped with my buying decision."

"Having long been a keen follower of Jonathan Crouch as a car reviewer and motoring journalist (probably the best reviewer / journalist in my opinion) His review of the new BMW X4 was so good it helped me to make up my mind that this was the car I wanted."

"When I saw the 45 min length video I thought you were ambitious in your ability to keep me for that long. Not only did I watch the full video but I also liked, subscribed and shared it. Very well done is an understatement.”

"I must say this is easily the best review I've seen to date. Clear, concise and factual! We'll be ordering mine soon. I hope the salesperson is as good as him otherwise they should employ him."

"Thanks very much! Just bought a used C220d wagon, this review really helped me to make the decision."

"An excellent, detailed and informative review. The best I've seen."

"This was one of the best car reviews I've ever seen! Not too long, not to short with good and clear information without bombarding the viewer with too many numbers. I'm impressed. You have earned that subscription of mine!"

"Best review of this car I've seen, ....and I've seen a few!"

"Quality review is refreshing from a chap who knows the product inside out."

"Very well researched, delivered and articulated. Attention to range detail and pre-filming homework is admirable. Special mention for the camerawork, lighting and sound too."

"Thank you for your excellent review which greatly assisted me in my buying choice for our own car, thanks for your honest unbiased opinions . Cheers"