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Honda Civic Type R

The independent definitive Honda Civic Type R video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    Honda's sixth generation Civic Type R offers a more elegant take on wild hot hatch performance. Jonathan Crouch drives it.

    Ten Second Reviewword count: 45

    Honda has re-imagined what kind of car its Civic Type R hot hatch can be. Yes this sixth generation version is faster, grippier and more exciting-sounding than its wild predecessor. But it's also more elegant and easier to live with. A difficult combination to perfect.

    Backgroundword count: 204

    Honda has now been making high performance Type R models for over a quarter of a century. And it wants to reward itself with the quickest, the most focused and the most thrilling car ever to bear this famous badge. Welcome to the sixth generation Civic Type R. Yes it's still the very fastest front-driven production car you can choose, but this time round, the extreme looks of the old 'FK8' model have been dialled back a little. Don't be deceived. Honda describes this replacement 'FL5' design as 'the fastest, most addictive yet secure and rewarding to drive model in Type R history'. This is officially the sixth generation version of this design, but Honda has actually used its famous Type R badge eleven times since it first appeared back in 1992, six times on the Civic. The engine of the most recent 'FK8' model we referenced earlier (a car launched in 2017) reappears again here because combustion powerplants are no longer developed from scratch in this new EV era. But it's been heavily evolved and will fittingly close the chapter on Honda fossil fuel engine design. There'll never again be a Civic Type R quite like this one. Let's take a closer look.

    Driving Experienceword count: 318

    Everything at first glance might seem familiar here but on closer inspection, everything is also quite different. Yes, the basic four cylinder 2.0-litre VTEC engine is essentially the same, but it's been thoroughly re-worked, primarily with a more compact turbo featuring stronger, lighter blades. This reacts faster and builds up boost pressure quicker. Honda claims an improved power-to-weight ratio, more torque and a higher top speed from what is now one of the most powerful engine-per-litre packages in the class. All good. So you can expect a useful increase in the previous 'FK8'-series model's performance; think 5.4s for the 0-62mph sprint and a top speed of 171mph. Output is 329PS, with 420Nm of torque. Rivals think you need 4WD to deal with this sort of performance, but the Civic Type-R is still defiantly front-driven. Honda reckons the biggest gains over the previous model lie with chassis rigidity and handling performance - namely the updates made to steering and suspension. They're aimed at making the car more engaging and the driver feel more confident. Camber rigidity, which enhances front-end response, is up by 16% courtesy of significantly revised suspension geometry. Also crucial are the wider 265-section 19-inch Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. The Brembo brakes have also been upgraded - mainly in terms of cooling, so they'll last longer on track days. An added duct in the front wheel arch and a set of vents behind it work together to push cooling air towards the discs - and pull hot air out. There's also an upgraded exhaust, with improved back pressure to help with the faster turbo response. This Type R should offer richer aural fireworks too, thanks to a sound synthesiser which activates with the fieriest 'R+' drive mode. Or you can enhance the sound in the new 'Individual' drive mode menu, where the steering, adaptive dampers, rev match system and engine response can all be adjusted separately.

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    £40,000.00 (At 25 Nov 2022)

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    180 (est)

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    130 (est)

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    8 (est)

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    36 (est)

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