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18 Sep 2023 14:10:16

Whether you're taking a short journey or enduring a 3-hour road trip, one thing that makes driving more bearable is the songs we listen to. With this in mind, new research has crowned the top 10 most popular songs to listen to whilst driving and a Killers classic takes the top spot. Motoring experts at Bill Plant Driving School carried out research to reveal the car brands which feature in the most songs and the most popular songs featured on driving playlists, as well as sharing tips on how to listen to music safely when driving. The research also revealed: • When looking at the car brands which feature in the most songs, Bentley takes the top spot, featuring in over 19,900 songs. Porsche claimed second place, with the brand being named in over 16,900 tracks. • Finishing just outside of the top 10 most popular songs to drive to was Classic by MTKO and Summer Of '69 by Bryan Adams. Further down the list, other firm favourites included Wake Me Up by Avicii in 31st place and Don't Stop Me Now by Queen in 41st place. Tom Hixon, Head of Instructor Support at Bill Plant Driving School says; “Listen to the radio or music when driving is something all motorists do on a daily basis and when one of our favourite tracks plays, it's common to turn the volume up and sing along to the lyrics, but it's important to remember that music can be a distraction when behind the wheel and drivers can easily lose concentration.”


18 Sep 2023 14:09:03

A YouGov poll of 1,755 UK driving licence holders commissioned by The Motor Ombudsman has revealed that just over half (53%) of motorists would opt for a manual gearbox if they were to buy a new car within the next 12 months. The remainder, a slightly lower proportion at 47%, showing a near-even split in opinion, said they would prefer to purchase an automatic model - now synonymous with electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids. Out of the 934 individuals in the research who stated a preference for driving with a traditional stick shift, the most cited reason for manual having the upper hand over automatic by nearly three-quarters (72%) of these respondents, was because this was how they learned to drive. This has thereby possibly made them more hesitant to make the shift to a gearbox that does everything for them, or to try technology that they may have not experienced before. Over a third (39%) of manual fans also stated that being in control of their own gear shifts can offer a greater level of driving enjoyment for the “purists” than an auto box, especially in a high performance car, and that this type of transmission makes it easier to change gears in anticipation of the volume of traffic ahead (34%). Furthermore, for nearly one in three people (28%), price would also sway respondents to go manual, as models can be sometimes be cheaper than those with an automatic gearbox. For the 47% of people who stated that they would like to buy a new automatic car in the coming year with a transmission where gear ratios are already pre-determined, the majority i.e. close to two-thirds of respondents in this group (62%), explained that the primary benefit of an automatic over a manual was that it can be less tiring to drive a vehicle of this kind, especially in urban areas or when in stop-start traffic. Similarly, 37% of people said that, without the need to change gears themselves, they can concentrate more on the road ahead without having to worry about shifting up or down the gearbox, avoid the risk of stalling and riding the clutch (32%), and keep both hands on the steering wheel (21%), thereby promoting a greater feeling of safety. In addition, for respondents who would opt for an automatic gearbox for a new car, this would be influenced by the fact that that their next purchase would likely be an EV (26%), where models are only sold with this type of transmission. This percentage rises to 34% amongst Generation Z i.e. 18- to 24-year-olds, and to 35% for those aged between 35 to 44, encompassing Millennials and Generation X. When looking at the findings of the latest research conducted by the Ombudsman for the automotive sector in terms of the regional variances when it comes to manual and automatic preferences, motorists in Wales and the North would be most likely to purchase a new vehicle with a stick shift at 67% and 59% of individuals respectively. In contrast, nearly two-thirds (62%) of Londoners would do the opposite and go for an automatic, reflecting the use of a car in a predominantly urban setting.


18 Sep 2023 14:08:08

With over 2 million people having points on their licences for speeding last year, more drivers will be finding it difficult to get insured. According to the experts at insurance, drivers who have points on their licence as a result of speeding may have to pay up to £1,842 for insurance: The company has provided their top tips for keeping your car insurance costs down with a conviction: - Shop around - As car insurance can be considerably more for convicted drivers, it's important to shop around for the best quote. - Book an advanced driving course - If you have a conviction, some insurers may view you as less of a risk if you complete further training, so signing up for an advanced driver's course may help you obtain the best deal for car insurance. - Avoid car modifications - If you want cheaper car insurance and you currently obtain a conviction then consider staying away from modified vehicles as they can increase your car insurance price too. - Limit your annual miles - The fewer miles you cover, the less risk you could be to your insurer. - Increase your voluntary access - Your voluntary excess can be adjusted to anywhere between £0 and £1,000. The mandatory excess cannot be changed, however you can alter this voluntary amount. However, make sure you can afford this amount. - Change your car - A car with more safety features or less power is likely to cost less to insure. - Consider blackbox or telematics policy - Telematics, also referred to as "black boxes," may be a requirement for obtaining coverage from some insurers. Additionally, they may be less expensive than standard policies and provide discounts. - Build up your no-claims bonus - It might not be instant, but the longer you drive without a claim the cheaper your insurance becomes each year.


18 Sep 2023 14:07:08

GEM Motoring Assist is urging parents and children to make safety their number one priority on journeys to and from school. GEM says it's vital that everyone - from toddler to senior citizen - is aware of the risks that go with using our roads. GEM chief executive Neil Worth comments: “A total of 54 children aged under 16 died on the UK's roads in 2022, with a further 13,000 suffering serious injuries1. What's more, 20 per cent of all injuries occur on school journeys2. That's why it's so important to help every child learn how to use the roads safely, whether walking, cycling or travelling in a vehicle. “We encourage all parents, guardians, teachers, carers and older siblings to play their part in helping children to recognise the risks they face and to understand effective ways of reducing or even eliminating those risks. “Walking to school is a great way of getting to know others, and it's a fun, healthy way of getting those daily steps up. If walking's not feasible, then ensure kids are suitably secured in the car and always park safely and legally.” GEM has compiled a selection of tips for parents and their children as the new school year begins: - It's cool to be bright: kit your kids out with reflective belts and bags, or choose coats with fluorescent piping. - Walk or cycle to school if you can. Find out about any local safe walking initiatives that may operate at your child's school. Team up with neighbours and walk together. - If you have to drive to school, please allow plenty of time to park safely and legally. Don't pull up on zig-zag lines outside a school, and respect local residents by not blocking driveways and access points. Also, never let children step out of the car into the road. - Work out the safest routes and the most appropriate places to cross any roads. - Respect speed limits. Many areas around schools are subject to 20mph speed limits (either permanent or timed), and you will face a £100 fine and three points on your licence if you are caught speeding. - Respect the crossing patrol. Be patient and always be prepared to stop. Remember, it's an offence not to stop at a patrol's signal.


18 Sep 2023 14:05:45

Barbie-mania has swept the world as the long-anticipated movie recently hit cinema screens. In the movie, Barbie was behind the wheel of a vintage convertible C1 Chevrolet Corvette, but she's been known to drive various vehicles over the years. From classic convertibles to the compact VW Beetle and the Jeep Wrangler 4x4, the one thing her rides usually have in common is the bright pink colouring. But how much would they cost to insure? Well, experts at have found that Barbie's latest runaround would have an average insurance cost of £981 based on quotes supplied to their customers. But how does that compare to the rest of her collection? 1. Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible - £1,580 The most expensive vehicle in Barbie's Dreamhouse garage when it comes to insurance is the Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible. Only a handful of these classic cars still exist in the UK, giving it an eye-watering average insurance cost of £1,580. A pair of diecast Barbie-branded Bel Air Convertible models were released in the 1980s - one in classic Barbie pink and the other in aqua blue. 2. Ford Mustang - £1,213 The second most expensive Barbie car is the Ford Mustang, one of the original American muscle cars that's still popular today. It costs an average of £1,213 per year to insure in the UK, putting it some way ahead of the Corvette in third. There've been several Barbie Ford Mustangs released over the years, including one that expands from a 2 to a 4-seater. 3. Chevrolet Corvette - £981 Barbie's vehicle of choice from the movie is her third most expensive to insure overall, at £981 per year. It's clear from this list that she's a fan of a convertible, and the Corvette is perhaps one of the most iconic. The specific model seen in the film is a customised 1958 C1 convertible in neon pink with white and chrome bodywork and a light-pink leather interior. Some of the more affordable vehicles to insure in Barbie's collection include more “everyday” models like the Mercedes-Benz 190SL (£238) and Jeep Wrangler (£227). In total, Barbie's entire car collection would cost £8,782 per year to insure, with the Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible, Ford Mustang, and Chevrolet Corvette being the most expensive vehicles in her garage.


18 Sep 2023 14:03:18

He'll turn 100 next year, but that doesn't stop Don Mitchell dreaming of getting back behind the wheel. Don, a resident of Beverley Parklands Care home, was heartbroken to give up his licence at age 94 as a safety precaution. He had been driving for 50 years. But thanks to the Together We Can initiative at Yorkare Homes, which aims to make the dreams of residents and staff come true, Don is getting back behind the wheel again. Young Driver is a driving scheme for under 17s. It runs at private venues across the country, offering those who are not legally able to drive experience behind the wheel. The focus is on safety, but delivered in a fun and engaging way. Pupils typically learn to steer, change gear, brake, tackle junctions and roundabouts and even parallel park - and research shows the lessons reduce the accident rate for newly qualified drivers. However, the scheme has no upper age limit - anyone who wants to get behind the wheel is welcome to book an experience. Although, of the 1.3 million lessons given over the last 14 years, Don will be the eldest pupil to date! Don attended the scheme's venue at the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield near Beverley, where he drove a Vauxhall Corsa. The cars are dual controlled and a fully qualified instructor is in the passenger seat - not that Donald needed any assistance. Don commented: “I was delighted to be able to get behind the wheel again, I was heartbroken to give up my licence. My favourite ever car that I drove was a Morris Minor, it was a wonderful car and I could do all of the servicing on it myself. Which meant I eventually sold the car for more than I had purchased it for! I think I still drove quite safely at 94 but there comes a time when it has to be given up. It was great to check I hadn't forgotten all of my driving skills - and, like riding a bike, it all comes back to you. I hadn't realised how much cars have changed since I last owned and drove one. The steering wheel is harder to turn and the gear stick is harder to hold. It was nice to see the youngsters just starting to learn as well. And my advice to them is always stay inside the speed limit! There's an old saying 'Rules are for wise men to follow and fools to break'.”

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