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SsangYong Tivoli SE Running Well

23 Jun 2017 12:44:53

According to the automotive data experts Cap HPI, the SsangYong Tivoli 1.6 litre SE is the cheapest diesel SUV to run. The study looked at the overall total cost of ownership for the cars to discover the one with the lowest motoring costs over the first three years. Taking into account all servicing, fuel and other motoring costs, it was the Tivoli SE that came out top. "The SsangYong Tivoli is one of the best-value cars you can buy," said Paul Williams, CEO of SsangYong Motor UK. "And this endorsement of the SE diesel being the best performing diesel SUV from such a respected organisation as Cap HPI firmly underlines that." The annual cost to run the best performing diesel SUV was £11,583.50 or, £321.76 per month.

Introduction of the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill Welcomed

23 Jun 2017 12:42:06

Yesterday's Queen's Speech introduced the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill, which could see every petrol station and motorway services being required to install electric charging points. Alison Bell, Marketing Director of Venson Automotive Solutions welcomes the new move. "Research we conducted recently found that 85% of motorists would consider buying an electric vehicle, however 69% said that the lack of charging points across the UK would be the biggest deterrent. Whilst both Total and Shell earlier this year confirmed their intention to install charging points at their stations across the UK, the move to make every petrol station offer charging facilities is extremely reassuring." Uptake of electric vehicles has been slow, but it's beginning to emerge that access to charging points and limited mileage range of the vehicle could be the real issue, rather than cost. "Easy access to charging points is crucial to the successful take-up of electric vehicles in the future," adds Bell. "And the new Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill is set to ensure this is addressed."

Leaf That Drives Itself

23 Jun 2017 12:39:49

Nissan's ProPILOT technology that will enable autonomous drive functionality in single-lane highway driving has arrived with the new, 100 percent electric Nissan LEAF. This technology will control the steering, acceleration and braking in a single lane on the highway, assisting drivers during heavy traffic congestion or during long commutes. Gareth Dunsmore, Director of Electric Vehicles, Nissan Europe said: "Adding ground-breaking ProPILOT technology to the new Nissan LEAF will prove invaluable in unlocking many of the benefits of electric vehicles, creating less congested, cleaner cities for future generations." In the coming years, Nissan's ProPILOT technology will offer increasing levels of autonomy, with the system eventually able to navigate city intersections.

Specialising is Advised for Body Shops

21 Jun 2017 11:46:07

Independent body shops need to specialise due to the wide range of equipment and skills investments that will be necessary for the repair of new vehicles. That's the advice from Dean Lander Head of Repair Sector Services, Thatcham Research. "Gone are the days of accepting every job that comes into the workshop," he said. "The investments required to cover all bases are just not feasible. Tough management decisions lie ahead for independent body shops, as they define what their business should focus on." The proliferation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and new materials used in the construction of cars has changed the landscape within the industry. Many independent repair outfits have concerns around investing in expensive and specialised equipment, with potentially short shelf lives. "Taking these business-critical investment decisions from the most informed position possible is now vital. Body shops should begin with a clear vision of the area in which they will specialise, and then reverse engineer an equipment and skills investment strategy that will get them there," said Lander.

Insignia Sports Tourer

21 Jun 2017 11:45:21

Vauxhall's all new Insignia Sports Tourer is on sale now priced from £18,685 on-the-road. "Vauxhall's best-ever product portfolio is further enhanced with the launch of the new Insignia Sports Tourer," said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall's Chairman and Managing Director. ""It has all of the elegance of its Insignia Grand Sport sibling but with even more practicality, including a boot that is more spacious than its predecessors." It is based on a completely new vehicle architecture, and its revised proportions result in more luggage capacity. The length of the boot has grown by 97mm to 2005mm versus the previous model and 40/20/40 foldable seats are standard across the range. For those pulling a caravan or a trailer, towing capacity for the Sports Tourer is up to 2200kg. There are high-tech features such as the ultra-modern all-wheel-drive system with torque vectoring and the new eight-speed automatic transmission to exploit their strengths to the full. It also has the next generation IntelliLux LED matrix lighting, Lane Keep Assist, Head-up Display and unique AGR-certified premium seats. The new Insignia is also the first Vauxhall with an active aluminium bonnet, improving pedestrian protection considerably.

RHA Chief Comments on Calais Death

21 Jun 2017 11:43:00

The Road Haulage Association's chief executive Richard Burnett has commented on the death earlier this week of a Polish van driver was killed as a result of migrant action. "Our worst fears have become a reality, we have been predicting this for two years," he said. "The lives of innocent people, who want no more than to be able to go about their daily business in safety are being put at risk by those whose only aim in life is to reach the UK. They don't care about anyone but themselves and as a result a life has been lost." The van collided with three trucks that had been forced to stop on one of the Port's main approach roads, the A16, as a result of migrants blocking the road with trees trunks. The van subsequently caught fire and the driver died. "The security forces currently in place just cannot cope. It's not just Calais itself that need protecting; it's the approach roads too. President Macron must get a grip of this situation and we urge him to deploy the French military to provide safe passage for the thousands of UK-bound hauliers that use this route every day."

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