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Isuzu D-Max

The independent definitive Isuzu D-Max video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    The Isuzu D-Max has now become a far more credible pick-up segment contender. Jonathan Crouch drives the lightly updated version of this 'RG'-series model.

    Ten Second Reviewword count: 102

    If you thought Isuzu pick-ups were a bit rough and ready, it's probably about time you gave the D-Max a try. Once, this brand was really one reserved for the requirements of pure commercial operators. In this rejuvenated 'RG'-series form though, the D-Max will also suit private buyers looking for an all-terrain utility vehicle that can play the lifestyle card, thanks to now-sharper looks, a smart cabin and solid drive dynamics. But it's still as tough as ever - which is why so many professional choose this Isuzu. In a marketplace full of pretenders, it's that rarest of things: the genuine article.

    Backgroundword count: 132

    Mazda no longer sells a pick-up truck in the UK but that Japanese maker has had quite a hand in this one, the third generation version of the Isuzu D-Max. It's the first time these two brands have collaborated together and the partnership seems to make a lot of sense. Isuzu can deliver the rough, tough practical design that pick-up folk need; Mazda can imbue that product with the smarter, more car-like cabin and better tarmac drive dynamics that most of them want. This 'RG'-series model first went on sales in Thailand (where it's built) back in October 2019, but sales didn't really get underway in our market until 2021, two years on from which Isuzu treated this model to a light facelift, creating the version we're going to look at here.

    Driving Experienceword count: 325

    Previous D-Max models served up a pretty crude drive experience on tarmac, but it's immediately obvious at the wheel that this 'RG'-series version has sharpened up its act. Isuzu has made lots of suspension changes for this generation design to try and reduce body roll, improve stability and better absorb vibrations. Plus the chassis is stiffer and the brand has introduced a modern electric-powered steering rack - which allows the installation of a class-leading portfolio of camera safety features. No contender in this class can properly replicate the car-like drive dynamics of an SUV and in this one, there remains plenty of body roll at speed through tighter turns as you slide around on the flat-bottomed seats. But on the plus side, thanks to all those changes, there's certainly now a lot less back end floatiness when the load bay is empty and with a bit of weight in the back, it's possible at times to forget you're in a pick-up - until you lurch into a corner or clump over a speed hump. Under the bonnet, this 'RG'-series model uses the same 1.9-litre turbo diesel powerplant as the previous generation model, offering 164PS and available with either manual or auto transmission. This is a smaller capacity engine than you'll find with direct rivals and its 360Nm torque output is lower too, though a 3.5-tonne towing capacity is retained. This relatively light powertrain though, enables the kerb weight of this Isuzu to dip below the government's 2,040kg weight limit that separates Goods Vehicles from passenger cars so, unlike other pick-ups in the segment, this one can be driven at passenger car speed limits. Refinement is slightly improved with this generation D-Max, though still hardly car-like. And, as before, off road prowess is really impressive, helped by a quick-shifting 4WD system, decent suspension articulation and the lockable rear differential you get on most models. Ground clearance is rated at 235mm and the fording depth at 800mm.

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