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McLaren 540C (2015 - 2021)

The independent McLaren 540C (2015-2021) video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    Introductionword count: 46

    The 540C, introduced in 2015, is about as close to an affordable modern-era McLaren as you're likely to get. When new, it was targeted at people who'd normally be looking at cars like top Porsche 911 Turbos and Audi R8s. When used, much the same applies.

    Modelsword count: 2

    (2dr coupe)

    Historyword count: 129

    From launch in 2015, the 540C was the least powerful member of McLaren's 'Sports' series, part of the brand's three-tier model range that also included pricier 'Super' and 'Ultimate' model ranges. At the time of this car's introduction, already residing in the 'Sports' series was the 570bhp 570S model, but that car cost quite a lot more and went only fractionally faster than this 540bhp 540C, a machine that from new and from launch, you could own for not much more than £125,000. The 'C' stood for 'China', which was where quite a lot of the production went. Basically, the 540C was a detuned 570S - which in theory made it a desirable thing. In practice, most people stretched to a 570S and ignored it. Sales finished in 2021.

    What You Getword count: 220

    At the heart of this car (only ever offered as a coupe) is McLaren's unique carbonfibre MonoCell II chassis which has been re-designed for the 540C to make it a much more usable, day-to-day machine. Getting in and out of such a low vehicle for example, has been made easier. And it still offers class-leading protection to occupants. Crucially, that carbon fibre tub, along with the use of aluminium body panels, keeps the weight of this McLaren down, which aids its astonishing performance. It's almost 150kg lighter than an Audi R8, its closest competitor. A subtly revised aerodynamic package and a dedicated wheel design mark out the 540C against the more powerful 570S Coupe. Unique aero blades below the front bumper channel cold, clean air through the lower bodywork and up over the sculpted bonnet, flanked by large LED headlamps. At the rear, the diffuser sits between the twin exhausts which exit below the rear bumper. The aerodynamically-led styling of this 'Sports' Series Coupe also includes intricately designed upwards-swinging doors. The 540C is fitted with 19-inch cast alloy wheels at the front and 20-inchers at the rear, the rims available in silver or 'stealth' colours. These are fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres developed specifically for 'Sports' Series McLaren models to offer high levels of performance and decent ride comfort.

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