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Suzuki SX4 (2006 - 2010)

The independent definitive Suzuki SX4 (2006-2009) video review

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    Introductionword count: 78

    Suzuki has established a solid reputation for small four-wheel drives and the SX4 follows in the tradition of vehicles like the SJ, the Jimny and the Vitara. It is, however, quite a different proposition, not being a 'proper' 4x4, instead being a smallish hatchback with a raised body height and contrary to popular opinion, not all of the models feature all-wheel drive. Here's the low down on what you should be looking for when buying a used SX4.

    Modelsword count: 19

    Models Covered: SX4 five-door hatchback (1.6 petrol, 1.6 and 1.9 DDiS diesel [ GL, GLX, GLX 4GRIP, DDiS] )

    Historyword count: 162

    The Suzuki SX4 project is very much a case of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'. Suzuki needed a diesel engine for this vehicle. Fiat had diesel engines aplenty but wanted a well-built niche model in its range. A deal was signed, Suzuki got the 1.9-litre diesel powerplant and Fiat got a new model in their line up which they dubbed the Sedici. Fiat took thirty per cent of the 60,000 cars that rolled out of the Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary, the remaining two thirds being sold globally as the Suzuki SX4. Whereas the Sedici was quite a simple concept to understand, the SX4 range is more varied and only one of the models, the 1.6 GLX 4GRIP, features all wheel drive. That this version is the best seller is perhaps unsurprising as without the benefit of this all-weather traction, the SX4 seems a bit of an oddity. The Peugeot-sourced 1.6-litre DDiS diesel engine was introduced early in 2008.

    What You Getword count: 314

    Responsibility for the exterior design lies with the Italdesign studio of Giugiaro and it's a very neat piece of work. Inside, the fascia is attractively designed with some decent and hard wearing materials used. The combination of a raised driving position, height adjustable driver's seat, rake-adjustable steering wheel and deep front quarterlight windows offer the driver a commanding driving position with good all-round visibility for a panoramic view of the road ahead. There are two distinct SX4 lines. GLX and 4GRIP models are distinctly SUV in appearance with alloy wheels, wheel arch extensions, side protection mouldings, side under protection mouldings and front and rear skid plates. The GL grade emphasises the passenger car characteristics with fewer SUV elements. The 4GRIP all-wheel drive variant has a switchable three-mode 4wd system that's well worth the extra outlay. This added facet to the SX4's character makes it an intriguing proposition. The SX4 is certainly not a rival to 'proper' compact 4x4; the sort of car that goes head to head with the Nissan X-Trails and Land Rover Freelanders of this world. It's just too small for that sort of thing and the tale of the tape shows that the Suzuki measures about the same overall length as a Ford Focus. The interior packaging, however, isn't the most generous. There's certainly no shortage of room up front but rear seat legroom is rather stingy and the boot measures a modest 270 litres with the rear seats in place. Unless you drop the rear seats, you'll carry more in a Porsche Boxster. The rest of the interior news is pretty good. The fascia is well screwed together and attractively designed although materials quality looks a little way removed from the class best. Perhaps the best thing that can be said for it is that it's unthreatening and very intuitive. It is, perhaps, a little short on showroom wow actor.

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