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Vauxhall Grandland GSe

The independent definitive Vauxhall Grandland GSe video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    Can Vauxhall's Grandland lower-mid-sized SUV really be sporty? Jonathan Crouch takes a look at the GSe version.

    Ten Second Reviewword count: 36

    An AWD Plug-in Hybrid powertrain returns in Vauxhall's Grandland in this supposedly sporty GSe model. There's no shortage of technology or ambition here, but you'll need an eye-catching deal to make the acquisition sums add up.

    Backgroundword count: 161

    If you're old enough to remember when Vauxhall cars were very much about bread-and-butter basics, then the specs of this one, the Grandland GSe, might rather stop you in your tracks: AWD, 300PS and a 1.6-litre petrol turbo engine paired with two electric motors that are energised by a 14.2kWh battery with an EV range of up to 35 miles. Someone more familiar with modern Vauxhalls though, might dismiss this recipe as yesterday's news. It's the same powertrain that was fitted to the top version of the old pre-facelift Grandland X, a flagship variant that didn't sell and was quietly dropped when the Grandland model got its 2021 model year update and lost its 'X' designation. With this Grandland GSe though, that AWD PHEV powertrain (shared with Stellantis Group cousin the DS 7 E-TENSE) is back, but this time with a package of sporty GSe handling tweaks. Enough to justify the premium price tag being demanded here? That's a big ask.

    Driving Experienceword count: 226

    Even in this sporty GSe form, the Grandland isn't the kind of lower-mid-sized SUV you're likely to want to throw around, but even so, this variant gets the Koni Frequency Selective Dampers we tried and liked on the Astra GSe. These have a special valve that opens when you hit a bad bump. That's supposed to reduce damping force and so improve comfort, but we still think you're likely to find this a very firm-riding crossover, so try before you buy. The plus side of the Koni shocks is better body control and less cornering lean, but the absence of much steering feel, the hesitant 8-speed auto gearbox and the relative lack of grip from the eco-focused tyres all discourage you from dynamic derring-do. With 300PS on tap from the AWD powertrain with its twin EV motor-embellished 1.6-litre petrol turbo engine, the Grandland GSe is at least pretty quick. The rest to 62mph sprint is dispatched in 6.1 seconds on the way to a maximum of 146mph. There are three drive settings: 'Sport' (where the car combines the power of the electric and petrol motors to offer livelier performance). And 'All-Wheel Drive'. Plus there's also 'Electric' (where the car uses only the 14.2kWh battery-powered electric motor, resulting in an ultra-quiet and smooth drive with zero exhaust emissions, offering a WLTP range of up to 35 miles).

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