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Genesis GV80

The independent definitive Genesis GV80 video review
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    THE BEGINNING OF SOMETHING BIG? (some text hidden) SECTIONED_new_genesisgv80_2022

    By Jonathan Crouch

    New luxury brand Genesis offers this GV80 large SUV. Jonathan Crouch drives it.

    Ten Second Reviewword count: 86

    Genesis is a new Korean luxury automotive brand that has big plans for Europe. Starting with this GV80 large luxury SUV. It probably won't be a car on your wish list if you're looking at a big seven-seat crossover of this kind, but it comes with everything you could want as standard, plus it offers superb refinement, outstanding interior quality and a rather unique sales and after-care package. If you're after something a bit different in this segment, it could be just what you're looking for.

    Backgroundword count: 153

    You'll have noticed just how much higher quality Korean-made cars are these days. To the point where both Hyundai and Kia now feel justified selling their largest, most luxurious models at or around the £50,000 mark. But is our market ready for a proper premium luxury brand from Korea? The US market has been for some time and the Hyundai Motor Group's Genesis brand has done quite well there. One of its models, a large saloon, was sold here between 2015 and 2017, badged as the Hyundai Genesis, but only 50 were shifted before the car was quietly deleted. Now though, the European market is much more open to premium Korean products and the Genesis brand launched here with two models, the G80 (a large luxury saloon), and our subject here, the GV80, a large luxury SUV. Mid-size G70 saloon, G70 Shooting Brake and GV70 SUV models quickly followed, as will various EVs.

    Driving Experienceword count: 183

    The GV80 launched with a straight-six 278PS diesel, but is now only available with a 304PS 2.5-litre four cylinder turbo petrol unit mated to an 8-speed automatic gearbox. You can expect exceptional levels of drive refinement, aided by special noise cancelling technology. You'll need to avoid the largest 22-inch wheels if you want an exceptional level of ride quality to match this. Damping is aided by a camera that monitors the road surface and adjusts the suspension to suit the tarmac tears and pot holes you're about to pass over. Through the twists and turns, you'll certainly feel the size and weight of this luxury SUV - it tips the scales at over 2300kg. But likely buyers aren't people who are going to want to throw this car about. They will though, want the latest in semi-autonomous drive tech - which of course is provided here. Along with plenty of gadgets, including a self-parking system that will parallel park your GV80 for you via the remote while you stand outside the car. Ideal if you're trying to get into a really tight space.

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