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Vauxhall Mokka Electric

The independent definitive Vauxhall Mokka-e video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    Vauxhall's Mokka Electric small EV crossover should energise its brand. Jonathan Crouch drives it.

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    In theory, Vauxhall's Mokka Electric ticks a lot of boxes. Small, fashionable SUVs are the market's primary growth area at present. And of course, everyone's talking about EVs. This one gets trendy looks, proven underpinnings and a drivetrain claiming up to 252 miles of range. It's the sort of electric model that ought to find a ready audience.

    Backgroundword count: 149

    Unlike some volume rivals who are tinkering around the edges of electrification with mild hybrid technology, Vauxhall is fully committed to the electric revolution. And we mean the full-electric revolution. We've already had the Corsa Electric supermini and EV versions of the Vauxhall Combo and Vivaro Life People Carriers. Here, we look at the Mokka Electric small SUV, which ought to be the brand's most important EV crossover yet. The looks and the cabin architecture (both a big step forward from previous Mokka models) are of course bespoke to Vauxhall but, at first glance at least, just about everything else here we've seen before. In the Corsa Electric and in the two Stellantis Group small crossover models that share this one's engineering, the Peugeot e-2008 and the DS 3 E-TENSE. The Griffin brand though, claims to have subtly evolved its version of this fashionable recipe. Let's take a look.

    Driving Experienceword count: 275

    This car doesn't feel quite as urgent away from rest as its Corsa Electric showroom stablemate, but it's not slow; 62mph from rest takes 9.2s. It does share all the same mechanicals you'll find in that EV supermini though, including a choice of batteries. The standard Mokka Electric gets a 50kWh battery matched to a 136PS powertrain and offers a range of 209 miles. The alternative is a Long Range version equipped with the latest Stellantis 54kWh battery and a more efficient (and quieter) 156PS motor producing 260Nm of torque. This larger battery extends the range figure to 252 miles. Both variants feature the usual single-speed auto transmission you get with EVs. Like all Electric Vehicles, this one has a bit of a weight problem - that drivetrain adds over 300kgs of bulk, but that arguably helps the Mokka Electric when it comes to ride quality; you'll feel things like speed humps keenly but at speed on the open road, it handles tarmac tears a little better than its combustion cousins. You'll only get near the claimed range figures if you engage a rather restrictive 'Eco' drive setting that drops power output right down to 83PS. You certainly won't achieve anything like that kind of range if you get anywhere near this EV's quoted 93mph top speed. Or if you habitually drive your Mokka Electric in the 'Sport' setting that'll be necessary to release to full power outputs just mentioned. There's very light steering (which you'll need to get used to). And a button to increase brake regeneration (which will charge the battery as you brake or cruise and eke out that all-important driving range).

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