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Honda Jazz

The independent definitive Honda Jazz video review
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    By Jonathan Crouch

    Honda's fourth generation Jazz supermini switches to full-hybrid power yet still keeps the same old practical virtues. Jonathan Crouch looks at the latest version.

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    What should a modern supermini be? Most brands have considered that question and come to much the same conclusion. Most brands, except Honda. Here's their take on your next small hatch - this fourth generation Jazz, here usefully improved. An astonishing number of Honda Jazz owners buy another and the MK4 model aims to keep them loyal. But the Japanese brand also needs to attract new converts to its clever little supermini, hence the decision to switch exclusively to full-Hybrid powerplant for this model, a drivetrain usefully updated as part of a package of mid-life updates made to this car.

    Backgroundword count: 142

    This Jazz supermini was the first car in Honda's current line-up to go hybrid-only - now almost the entire line-up has. The brand's i-MMD full-hybrid system, first seen on the CR-V, has been more compactly packaged for this installation - and usefully improved as part of this mid-term update. The designers have worked hard to ensure that this clever drivetrain doesn't impinge upon the flexibility of the equally clever 'Magic seat' interior design package; the thing that has given previous generation versions of this model a supermini-sized car with much of the greater practicality of a larger family hatchback. Honda's challenge is to shift the Jazz buying demographic away from it's usual typically older clientele; hence the addition of a slightly more dynamic 'Advance Sport' variant to the improved line-up. Let's take a closer look at what this MK4 Jazz can offer.

    Driving Experienceword count: 363

    The Jazz comes only with one engine - the brand's e:HEV powertrain. This is a full-Hybrid unit - so properly electrified like a Toyota Yaris Hybrid, rather than being only mildly electrified like the MHEV unit you can have in a Ford Fiesta. The difference is important because a full-Hybrid can have far more reliance on battery power, especially in urban conditions. In this case, it's a revised 1.5-litre petrol unit now putting out 107PS which uses two electric motors and a compact lithium-ion battery pack. That combustion engine sends drive through a clever fixed-gear auto transmission which Honda says has been revised to improve smoothness and driveability; it's certainly better than the belt-driven CVT set-up that Toyota uses in its Hybrids. Recent revisions to other parts of the car's clever e:HEV powetrain have seen efficiency, driveability and output increased. The electric drive motor has seen a 14PS increase, taking its total output to 122PS, while the generator motor has also seen an increase in power (8kW), taking it to a peak of 106PS. Basically, as before, the whole system is a downsized version of the 2.0-litre electrified engine used in the CR-V Hybrid and as there, you get various drive settings. Most of the time at the wheel of this Honda you'll be in 'Hybrid Drive', which combines the engine and the battery pack in the most efficient way possible while recovering electricity from deceleration and storing it for future use. 'EV Drive' forces the Jazz to run in electric-only mode (though it can only do that for very short distances). And the 'Engine Drive' setting combines the petrol engine and the electric motor output for maximum performance. In this mode, the e:HEV powertrain gives the Jazz a 0-62mph time of 9.4 seconds and a maximum speed of 108mph. If you're interested in those figures, you'll probably be interested in the top 'Advance Sport' grade, which Honda has tried to make a little more dynamic. To that end on that variant, there are changes to the suyspension set-up and stiffer dampers for a more focused drive. Across the range, you can now tow in your Jazz - up to half a tonne.

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