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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

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You might find the idea of a front wheel drive BMW almost as odd as the idea of a BMW MPV. The Munich maker's improved 2 Series Active Tourer model combines both of these things. June Neary tries it..

Will It Suit Me?word count: 47

BMW is reaching into the mainstream with this 2 Series Active Tourer, a reasonably spacious and quite affordable family five-seater. This was the brand's first front driven model and it's certainly a classier, more interesting alternative to a conventional Scenic-style compact MPV. I thought I'd try one.

Practicalitiesword count: 259

The 2 Series Active Tourer sits on a lengthened version of the same platform used by the MINI Hatch 5-Door and as such, is significantly shorter than, say, BMW's own 3 Series Touring estate model, yet can swallow just as much luggage. It doesn't seek the kind of SUV-style buyer courted by a BMW X1 crossover, yet sits its driver 10mm higher off the ground. And there's room underneath for the kind of optional 4WD system that 1 Series buyers aren't allowed to have. My favourite stat though, relates to rear seat space. You get more with this car than you would in a huge Executive -class BMW 5 Series Touring estate. As my family found, there's pretty much the same kind of luggage room too. Such are the benefits of BMW's decision with this model to switch to front wheel drive. Forget the comparisons though. What matters is that this luggage bay is big enough to be everyday-usable. So bulky items like baby buggies that you might struggle to get into some of BMW's other compact five-door family cars - say something like a 1 Series - will here fit in quite easily. There are lashing points and bag hooks on either side of the luggage bay, plus an optional 'extended storage' pack offers attachments like a load net to help keep things in place should you get a bit carried away on the journey back from the supermarket. Valuables are better housed in this concealed space below the floor, the folding top concealing a handy multi-function tray.

Value For Moneyword count: 129

Expect to pay somewhere in the £26,000 to £35,000 bracket for your 2 Series Active Tourer, depending on the spec and model you choose. To put those figures into perspective within the BMW line-up, they see this car pitched at a premium of around £1,800 over the company's five-door 1 Series model - which seems fair enough given that this Active Tourer is better equipped and about 30% larger inside. Big enough in fact to offer almost exactly the same levels of cabin cargo space you'd get from the kind of BMW 3 Series Touring model that could easily cost you £4,000 to £5,000 more. If you need more space in this car, there's the option of finding an £1,800 model-for-model premium to get the seven-seat Gran Tourer version.

Could I Live With One?word count: 59

I think BMW's appealing spin on ordinary family motoring will probably attract a ready audience. People who probably never thought they'd be buying from this Munich maker. They won't be getting 'the ultimate driving machine' because that's not what they need. Getting instead what may very well be 'the ultimate small people carrier' will suit them very well indeed.

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