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Infiniti G37 Saloon (2009 - 2013)

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By Andy Enright

Introductionword count: 125

On the face of it, launching a luxury car line powered by 3.7-litre petrol engines just when a global financial crisis was kicking into full gear was never going to spell success. Inifiniti found itself decisively overtaken by events and, in this country at least, the marque has never really recovered from this external course of events. The G37, available as a saloon, coupe or convertible, has sold in tiny numbers as a result. It is, by most accepted definitions, a monumental flop. Behind the story of that failure, however, is a car that will actually make a great deal of sense as a used buy to a few people. Here's how to track down a genuine bargain when it comes to the four-door variant.

Modelsword count: 12

4dr saloon (3.7 petrol [S, GT, x S, S Premium, GT Premium])

Historyword count: 217

Our parochial view in the UK is that the Infiniti brand was magicked out of nothing by Nissan just in time to get savaged by the financial meltdown of 2008/09, but the bigger picture is one of a long track record of success. The G series, of which the G37 is but a modern take, has been sold in Japan since 1990, with the G37 that we received being the fourth generation of this line. Work began on this series four 'V36' car back in 2002, and it was launched in 2007 in Japan, being badged a Nissan Skyline. We got the car in summer 2009 in three guises; four-door saloon, two-door coupe and two-door convertible. It's the saloon we look at here. Sales were slow, not helped by the fact that Nissan wasn't interested in selling Infiniti models from existing Nissan showrooms, which meant a dealer network had to be built. With many customers finding credit hard to get and fuel prices skyrocketing, the idea of a 3.7-litre petrol car costing around £30,000 with no badge equity to rely on come resale time was one that never proved appealing. The G37 line soldiered on, with the addition of the all-wheel drive G37x S sports version in 2012, coinciding with a mild facelift for G Series cars.

What You Getword count: 254

The saloon model features sleek, if somewhat generic, styling but it's the interior that's the big draw. Where you do want to be reminded of how much money you spent is inside. Sure enough, pull one of the lovely satin finish door handles and you'll enter a cabin that's beautifully built and looks very classy with touches like its oval analogue clock, though the use of some Nissan switchgear and a proliferation of buttons are amongst the reasons why its aesthetics are still a notch down from the priciest offerings in this sector. You can access many of the functions through standard-fit switches on a steering wheel that moves with the instruments, combining with the multi-adjustable leather seats to help you get really comfortable. At the back, the seats recline slightly for added comfort on longer trips and legroom is acceptable for this class of car, though it would help if it was easier to slide your feet under the seats in front. The 450-litre boot isn't one of the largest in the class but it's significantly bigger than you'd get on a BMW 3 Series. Standard kit includes Bi-Xenon cornering headlights, speed-sensitive power steering, electric front seats, parking sensors, a six-CD stereo, Bluetooth connectivity and 18" alloy wheels. Infiniti's much-praised information and entertainment platform, Connectiviti, is also available in this car. Safety features include stability control, six airbags and the option of an Intelligent Brake Assist system that first warns the driver, then brakes the car if it thinks a collision is imminent.

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