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TVR Sagaris (2004 - 2007)

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Apart from the one offs like the Typhon and Speed 12, the Sagaris will probably be remembered as TVR's final flourish, their range topping showcase when the company went for a rather spectacular burton. Buying any used TVR is an activity best entered into with both eyes open, but now that there is no factory support, it's up there with running with the bulls at Pamplona; exciting and life-changing but hugely risky. Existing TVR owners will scoff at the safe option of a Porsche or BMW but a used Sagaris represents an inevitably bigger involvement.

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First unveiled at the Earl's Court MPH03 motor show almost a decade to the day after the Cerbera was first displayed, the Sagaris was a TVR so aggressive it made everything that had gone before appear almost self-effacing. With wild slashes in its T350-derived bodywork and a frontal aspect so mean it made Boxsters dive for cover, the Sagaris was a riot of intriguing details. What's more, the Speed Six engine that powered it had been developed to a stage where many of its teething issues had been overcome. It made a production ready appearance at the 2004 Birmingham motor show. The Sagaris marked a new development for TVR. Rather than modifying existing road cars for racing use, this is a car that was developed with one eye on the track right from the outset. TVR stressed that the Sagaris wasn't a racing car for the road, but that racing versions would inevitably spawn from its development. Aside from the cooling ducts, there were twin bulges in the roofline to accommodate taller drivers wearing crash helmets and side exiting carbon fibre exhausts to ensure optimal airflow around that rear diffuser. TVR's flagship racing series, the Tuscan Challenge, was rebranded as the 'TVR Challenge' to allow various Blackpool-based cars, including the Sagaris, an entry ticket and the car also campaigned in various GT racing categories. As with any TVR, the Sagaris was developed on the fly. In response to customer complaints that the car bottomed out with alarming regularity on bumpy B roads, TVR raised the ride height and softened the suspension in 2006. In three years of production, the Sagaris went through three changes of exhaust system. The infamously vague 'Blackpool dyno' at first quoted the Sagaris at 406bhp, then 386bhp and finally 375bhp "in the interests of coping with variable fuel quality." Ostensibly similar cars can also feel quite different due to different differentials being fitted.

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In order to limit the amount of modifications necessary for racing, TVR has beefed up the T350 chassis, endowing the Sagaris with an even more purposeful stance than the already solidly planted T350. The Sagaris features a wider track than the T350 for grip and stability and is propelled by the 400bhp, straight-six engine from the Tuscan S. Standard equipment includes a full leather and carbon-fibre interior, CD stereo, power steering, limited slip differential, gas discharge headlamps and a two-year unlimited mileage warranty. There's no air conditioning fitted as it was decreed that this would add too much weight. Shaving weight is a Sagaris theme, the cross-woven Vinylester bodywork saving 50-60kg over conventional glassfibre. Peeking from behind the 18-inch multispoke alloy wheels are some serious brakes, 304mm ventilated discs up front and 282mm rotors at the back.

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