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Daihatsu Terios (2006 - 2013)

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Not all 4x4s are gigantic gas-guzzling road hogs crushing family pets beneath their chunky oversize tyres and accelerating the planet towards a dust bowl future with every revolution of their thunderous engines. The Daihatsu Terios, for example, is actually quite cute. 4x4s often get a bad press but you can't group them all together under one banner, accusing them en masse of environmental assault. Daihatsu's Terios is a compact 4x4 that can hold its own off road and is powered by a modest 1.5-litre petrol engine, it's hardly public enemy number one.

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Models Covered: 5dr 4x4, 1.5 petrol [S, SX, SE]

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The Terios used to be an absolutely dinky thing, the kind of miniature 4x4 that looks like it should come with pedals rather than a petrol engine. The model we're concentrating on here is the Mk2 version which is far more substantial but still resides at the more compact end of the compact 4x4 market. Daihatsu's link-up with Toyota in 1999 has yielded substantial dividends for the marque and one of the most significant boons was Toyota's donation of the platform from its Mk2 RAV4 to form the underpinnings of the Mk2 Terios. The little Daihatsu seems to go up in people's estimation when they realise that there are Toyota mechanicals whirring away under the surface and there's no reason why it shouldn't. This Terios hit the streets early in 2006 with a limited model range comprised of three trim levels and a single engine. Buyers could choose from S, SX and SE derivatives. An automatic gearbox arrived later and became the sole transmission available with the range-topping SE trim.

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Fully 142mm longer than the original Terios and wider too, this model creates opportunities that Daihatsu were completely unable to pursue with the first generation car, offering space for young families and enough style to suit twenty and thirtysomethings looking for a leisure-oriented vehicle. The interior is clean and unfussy with materials quality that's a long way removed from the old Terios and the cowled instrument panel is a very nice touch. If you're familiar with the Toyota RAV4 donor car, you'll have a sense of dej vu in here.

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