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Peugeot 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered

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By Jonathan Crouch

Peugeot's medium-sized 508 gets serious in rare Peugeot Sport Engineered form. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

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To prove its 508 can be a real driver's car, even in heavier PHEV form, Peugeot has brought us this, the 508 PSE or 'Peugeot Sport Engineered'. It looks arresting, particularly in this updated form, and there's no shortage of power or ambition here. But the price tag is formidable.

Backgroundword count: 136

Back in 2019, Peugeot announced a car that probably didn't register on your radar, the one we look at here, the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered. It's subtle market presence is somewhat strange because it was then - and still is - the most powerful model the Gallic brand has ever sold. Delayed by the Pandemic, it took until 2021 for this car to go on sale here and just two years more before it was facelifted to create the version of this model we look at here. It's one of those cars we like because it's different from anything else in its segment and full of apparent contradictions: a PHEV that's all about performance. And a mainstream brand model targeted at the premium segment. From a sub-brand with virtually no market recognition. Still interested? Read on.

Driving Experienceword count: 240

Peugeot Sport knows a thing or two about the 1.6-litre petrol turbo engine that beats beneath the bonnet of this 508 PSE, having tuned it in all kinds of special ways the memorable 208 GTi hot hatch that sold in the middle of the last decade. Here, that unit appears in 200hp form supplemented with a pair of 11.5kWh battery-powered electric motors, a 113hp one on the rear axle and a 110hp one built into the 8-speed auto gearbox at the front. That takes power up to 360hp - more than virtually all obvious rivals; hence the sprightly 5.2s 0-62mph time despite the prodigious 1,875kg kerb weight. To give you some class perspective, think a second faster than a rival BMW 330e. This Peugeot's top speed is 155mph. That's with combustion power and of course the eager 'Sport' drive mode engaged. The top EV speed is 86mph but if you get anywhere near that, you'll decimate the claimed EV range from the PHEV system (rated at 34.2 miles). It's good around the bends too. Having a motor on each axle means AWD, which combined with grippy Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres means tenacious traction through the turns. Adaptive damping is standard and, with the 'Comfort' drive setting selected, allows for supple standard of ride, despite the big 20-inch wheels. The electric steering rack isn't particularly feelsome, but the car changes direction alertly. It's really quite a different kind of 508.

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£53,975.00 (At 17 Nov 2023)

£55,175.00 (At 17 Nov 2023)

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