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Volvo EX30

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By Jonathan Crouch

Volvo's cool-vibed EX30 takes its brand into a completely new, more affordable EV segment. Jonathan Crouch takes a look...

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The EX30 is a different kind of Volvo, a small EV crossover for a new era and a model that will bring enormous conquest sales for the brand. It's more affordable than you might be expecting and would perhaps make an ideal second car for upwardly mobile families embracing the EV revolution.

Backgroundword count: 165

Just about every mainstream car maker right at present seems to be trying to re-invent itself as an all-electric brand. In most cases, particularly with the premium makers, that seems to involve bringing us futuristic-looking EVs priced far out of the reach of most ordinary customers. Volvo wants to be different. And proof of that comes with this car, the EX30. This Chinese-owned Swedish brand can only survive by attracting new breed of younger customers and the EX30 is its most important car yet in reaching them. The brand says this model's job is to 'bring premium full-electric mobility to a much broader audience' and three-quarters of the people who choose it will never have considered a Volvo before. It's priced and sized well below the company's existing XC40 and C40 electric models - think Kia Niro EV and Jeep Avenger in terms of EX30 rivals. Which means you can have one for not much more than the price of an EV supermini. Sounds tempting.

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Unlike previous smaller Volvo EVs, this one is built on a platform specifically designed for an electric vehicle, the SEA chassis from brand parent Geely, underpinnings also used by a close rival, the smart #1. To sit upon it, there's a choice of three powertrains and two battery sizes. Things kick off with a Single Motor model featuring a 51kWh battery powered by a rear-mounted 268bhp motor; range is rated at 214 miles. If that's not enough, you'll be offered the Extended Range Single Motor version that most will probably choose, which extends the range to 298 miles. That larger battery also features with the top Twin Motor Performance model, which adds a second 154bhp electric motor to the front axle, resulting in a combined output of 422bhp and 543Nm of torque: it's the quickest-accelerating Volvo ever. And its range is 286 miles. All three variants are quick - even the base Single Motor 51kWh version gets to 62mph in 5.7s. The Extended Range model drops that 5.3s and the Twin Motor Performance version demolishes the benchmark sprint in just 3.6s, en route to the 112mph top speed that all modern Volvos share. A more rugged-looking EX30 Cross Country model with a raised ride height will be added to the range.

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£33,795.00 (At 19 Jun 2023)

Max Speed (mph):

112 (Single Motor)

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5.7 (Single Motor)

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