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Peugeot 308 SW

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By Jonathan Crouch

Peugeot's third generation 308 SW isn't quite as practical as before, but you might now like it a lot more. Jonathan Crouch drives it.

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Peugeot's 308 SW estate is a more polished proposition in this third generation guise, with smart packaging, extra engineering options and a bit more useful technology. The result is a more desirable product than you might expect from this familiar Gallic brand. You might be surprised at how much you'd like it.

Backgroundword count: 177

We've always struggled a little with the concept of a 'compact estate car'. After all, most people buy an estate in search of space and versatility, both tough briefs to meet if the model in question is in any way compact. Though not in this case. Not with this car - the third generation version of Peugeot's 308 SW. Here's proof positive that it isn't how big your car is that matters. It's how cleverly it's been designed for interior use of the space that it has. This 308 SW measures in at 4.64m but offers up to 1634-litres of space almost as much as the brand's larger 508 SW. The last 308 SW wasn't really a car many customers would have chosen in preference to a Golf Estate, let alone anything premium, but this MK3 version might be. Everything's different - even the front Peugeot grille badge. And the sharky looks clothe a cabin that could just be the segment's most sophisticated. Premium values with mainstream value? Is that what we've got here? Let's find out.

Driving Experienceword count: 397

The SW version of the 308 obviously drives just like the hatch and in both cases, with this third generation design, Peugeot has sought a return to the reputation it enjoyed forty years ago when its humblest family five doors were marked by an engaging degree of handling excellence. Sure enough, the unusual 'i-Cockpit' dash design that sees you peering above a small, low-set steering wheel at a slick-looking virtual dial pack suggests a welcome level of potential drive engagement. Which turns out to be largely realised, thanks to well judging firm-style damping, plenty of cornering traction and decent body control. Under the bonnet, there's a mix of something old and something new. Familiarity comes with the conventional petrol unit, an updated version of the brand's usual PureTech three cylinder 1.2-litre powerplant and available with 130hp. Surprisingly, Peugeot is still offering its usual 1.5-litre BlueHDi diesel in 130hp form. Both these two mainstream engines are being offered only with 8-speed EAT8 auto transmission. The mainstream alternative is a Hybrid 136 e-DSC6 variant that which uses much the same engine mated to a dual-clutch 6-speed auto with an electric motor built into the transmission casing. On the move, the Hybrid system's 136bhp 1.2-litre three cylinder petrol engine and the electric motor can operate together - or separately. And, unlike with a mild hybrid system like that fitted to say, a Golf eTSI, here the car can be driven for short urban distances (under 18mph) on electric power alone. The motor also assists the engine under acceleration. Want to be able to plug your 308 SW in? Well for this, your starting point lies with the two petrol Plug-in Hybrid units. The Hybrid 180 model combines a 150hp PureTech petrol engine with a 109hp electric motor and a 12.4kWh battery smaller than that in the 3008 SUV, but large enough to take the car up to 44 miles between charges. The same range is also possible from the alternative Hybrid 225 variant, which combines a 180bhp petrol engine with the same 109bhp electric motor for a maximum combined power output of 225hp. The last powertrain option is the full-electric E-308 variant. This uses a 54kWh battery incorporating a sophisticated chemical composition which makes possible a 248 mile range figure. This battery powers a front axle-mounted 156bhp motor which will get you to 62mph from rest in about 8 seconds.

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£25,000.00 (At 28 Jun 2021)

£35,000.00 (At 28 Jun 2021)

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CO2 (g/km):

130 (PureTech 110)

Max Speed (mph):


0-62 mph (s):


Combined Mpg:

55 (est)

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