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Suzuki Swace

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By Jonathan Crouch

Suzuki's Swace compact estate delivers a different badge on a familiar face. Jonathan Crouch drives the improved version

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Suzuki is, literally, on a charge. Not only has it electrified its entire range, but it has also expanded it, albeit with more than a little help from its technical collaborator, Toyota. Launched in 2020, the Swace was the second model of that partnership, this curiously-named model borrowing the design of the familiar, respected Toyota Corolla Touring Sports Estate to give the Suzuki brand an entrant into the lucrative C-segment compact estate sector. Now this car's been updated, with a punchier Hybrid engine, more equipment and an improved cabin. Is it convincing enough to win Suzuki some new friends?

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Suzuki might not yet be at the forefront of EV development, but they've certainly been doing their bit for automotive electrification. All their core models have mild hybrid electrified petrol powerplants and, thanks to a partnership with Toyota, the company's flagship model, the Across SUV, offers a plug-in hybrid powertrain. For those wanting a self-charging full-Hybrid engine, the brand launched this model, the Swace, in 2020, basically a re-badged Toyota Corolla Touring Sports estate. The Swace brought the brand into a market sector it had been absent from since it offered the Baleno estate at the turn of the century - but that car never sold that strongly. This one's done a bit better - and its prospects should be further improved by the package of updates we look at here.

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The Swace has benefitted from changes that Toyota has made to the 1.8-litre VVT-i full-Hybrid engine that it supplies for this Suzuki. The powerplant's electric motor output has been boosted from 53kW to 70kW, a change which has increased torque from 163Nm to 185Nm. As a result, the Swace will in this form feel usefully more responsive, should you come to it from an older version. The 0-62mph time has consequently dropped from 11.1s to 9.4s. The engine's power output is 96hp at 5,200rpm but taking the electric motor's contribution into account, the combined system output is 140hp (up from 122hp previously). As before, top speed is pegged at 111mph and drive is through a CVT gearbox. As with the original model, three driving modes can be selected - 'Normal', 'Eco' or 'Sport'. The driver can also select a fully electric 'EV mode' for those times when completely silent, or emission-free, running is preferred, such as for inner city work, or even early morning starts. In this mode, the car has the potential to cover a mile or so on pure battery power. 'EV mode' can be used for driving short distances without having to worry about noise or emissions, especially in residential areas early in the morning and late at night, or in garages and indoor parking lots. Combining both engine and electricity, however, can still reap the environmental rewards depending on what you select. 'Normal' mode will give the driver the optimal balance between fuel economy and performance, whereas 'Eco' will enhance the fuel economy through throttle response and even go as far as limiting the air-conditioning. 'Sport' will provide a quicker throttle response to emphasise the acceleration when needed.

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62.7 (WLTP)

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