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SsangYong Turismo

The independent definitive SsangYong Turismo video review
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    SsangYong's improved Turismo offers impressive value in the largest segment of the MPV market. Now it gets smarter looks but still offers an efficient 2.2-litre Euro6 diesel engine and vast interior space. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

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    If you're after a really large People Carrier that can not only take seven people but all their luggage as well, you're probably thinking in terms of models like Ford's Galaxy and Volkswagen's Sharan - which require a £28,000 to £35,000 budget. In contrast, the vehicle under consideration here, SsangYong's Turismo, costs from around £21,500. It's bigger inside than its rivals too and gets a reasonably frugal 2.2-litre Euro6 diesel powerplant mated to a modern Mercedes-sourced 7-speed auto gearbox. For bigger families on a budget who insist on buying new, it could be worth a look.

    Backgroundword count: 108

    SsangYong has long offered buyers a huge People Carrier but in times gone by, that role in the range was filled by their ungainly Rodius model. In 2014 though, the marque introduced the more acceptably-styled Turismo large MPV we're looking at here - a much more competitive and very well priced contender. Despite that, sales of this model have been modest here, possibly because the original version's 2.0-litre diesel had an appetite for black pump fuel. Aware of this, SsangYong updated the powerplant on offer in 2016 and this current version's e-XDi220 unit looks a much more competitive offering. Particularly in the facelifted guise we look at here.

    Driving Experienceword count: 224

    This is where the biggest changes have come with this car over recent years. In place of the old tried and tested 155PS 2.0-litre diesel delivered at this model's launch back in 2014, Turismo buyers these days get a 178PS 2.2-litre unit that has 15% more power. Naturally, with under 180PS powering such a big vehicle, you're not going to win too many traffic light grands prix, but the torque at hand (there's 400Nm of it) means that the Rodius Turismo will rarely struggle, even when fully loaded. You may have to work a little at the 6-speed manual transmission, and if we were fronting up our own money, we'd probably opt for the smooth shifting 7-speed Mercedes-Benz-sourced automatic option. As ever, the Turismo utilises double wishbone front suspension and rear independent multi-link suspension for reasonable ride quality. This set-up offers a quiet and comfortable driving environment, yet with decent body control, a flat ride and acceptable stability for what remains a very high-sided vehicle. The transmission directs drive to the rear wheels as standard but you can also choose a top EX four-wheel drive variant for added security in bad weather and off road. It even features a low ratio gearbox for additional grip. You'll have to be mindful of ground clearance and overhangs, but in bad weather this is a real advantage.

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