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Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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Introductionword count: 31

Mercedes is on a bit of a roll at the moment and the improved fourth generation C-Class clearly demonstrates quite what a task its rivals face. June Neary takes a look.

Will It Suit Me?word count: 136

I'm not sure whether it's just me but Mercedes saloon cars have always had a very masculine air to them. It's something I've long felt about BMWs but not Audis. That's why I'd never been hugely drawn to the Mercedes C-Class in the past. It looked tidy, functional but never seemed possessed of much in the way of flair. The latest MK4 model is undeniably handsome but I fully expected that trend to continue. Our test car was a C220d diesel and I began to harbour images of those cream-coloured taxis you walk out of German airports into but when it arrived it was finished in a very attractive metallic colour with a decent set of alloy wheels that looked anything but utilitarian. I began to see why Janis Joplin wanted a Mercedes-Benz quite so badly.

Practicalitiesword count: 176

Although I had been secretly hoping for one of the more powerful models, the C220d would, in truth, be more than enough car to satisfy my needs on a daily basis. I recall the previous generation car feeling far less solid than this design. Drop inside and you'll see where this Mercedes differentiates itself. There's now the option of the fully digital instrument display already familiar from the brand's E-Class and S-Class models, complete with touch-sensitive steering wheel buttons. This is complemented by now-larger centre console screens that can be either 7-inches or 10.25-inches in size, the latter format used for the top 'COMMAND' multi-media set-up that many customers will want. Otherwise, it's much as before, with a broad centre console swooping between the front occupants. I didn't think rear seat room to be especially generous but there's a very class-competitive 480-litres of boot space too. With the estate, the figure's 490-litres. I was also pleased to find a generously-sized fuel tank which meant that the C220d has a range of up to around 900 miles.

Behind the Wheelword count: 248

It's easy to get a comfortable driving position thanks to the multi-adjustable steering wheel and driver's seat and once inside you'll appreciate the restyled dashboard. And on the move? Well, the AGILITY SELECT driving modes switch allows the driver to select between Comfort, ECO, Sport, Sport+ and Individual settings. And you can add to that with optional 'DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL' adaptive damping. All models come as standard with 9G-Tronic automatic transmission (which now features nine speeds) and buyers certainly aren't short of engine options, with most still likely to want a diesel. There's a base 160hp 1.5-litre unit in the C200d. But most buyers opt for the 2.0-litre 194hp unit on offer in the C220d variant, which offers the option of 4MATIC 4WD. Petrol-wise, there's a 1.6-litre 156hp C180 version, then a C200 derivative which has a 184hp 1.5-litre powerplant featuring the latest 'EQ Boost' technology using a 48volt on-board network with a belt-driven starter/alternator. When accelerating, 'EQ Boost' system can assist the engine with an additional 14hp, bridging the brief moment until the turbocharger has built up its full charge pressure. 4MATIC 4WD is optional. Mercedes has also developed a 2.0-litre 258hp version of this petrol engine for the C300 derivative. Beyond that lie only the Mercedes-AMG high performance derivatives. The first of these, the 3.0-litre V6 C43 4MATIC, now puts out 390hp, 23hp more than before. Beyond that lies only the V8 C63 AMG model, with a 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo engine offering either 476 or 510hp.

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[C63 Saloon 4.0 AMG S Auto]

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